Ministry Teams

from Baptist College of Ministry

One of our fundamental philosophies at BCM is is that we learn in order to give. That's why every summer we send teams around the nation to share what God has done in our lives and to reach the next generation for Jesus Christ. These teams are staffed by current BCM students and graduates who are godly examples to follow.

Musical Ensemble

Led by Daniel Van Gelderen

The BCM Musical Ensemble is a group of talented and consecrated students who travel the nation and minister in church services, events, and other venues. Their burden is to encourage young people to pursue God's will in dependence on God. Daniel Van Gelderen has been the primary leader and preacher for the group since 2010.

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Dates Church Location
Jun 1, 2021 Greater Cumberland Baptist Church Hopkinsville, KY
Jun 2, 2021 Stone Ridge Baptist Church Bloomington, IN
Jun 6, 2021 Glory Baptist Church Des Moines, IA
Jun 6, 2021 Marion Avenue Baptist Church Washington, IA
Jun 13, 2021 Canaan Baptist Church Covington, GA
Jun 15, 2021 Crooked Creek Baptist Church Athens, GA
Jun 16, 2021 Bible Baptist Church Hampton, GA
Jun 20, 2021 Grace Baptist Church Pace, FL
Jun 20, 2021 Temple Baptist Church Gulfport, MS
Jun 23, 2021 Victory Baptist Church BayTown, TX
Jun 27, 2021 Westside Baptist Church Katy, TX
Jun 27, 2021 Christchurch Baptist Fellowship Houston, TX
Jul 1, 2021 Beeville Baptist Church Beeville, TX
Jul 4, 2021 Capital City Baptist Church Austin, TX
Jul 7, 2021 Helmers Street Baptist Church Houston, TX
Jul 11, 2021 Northside Baptist Church Nolanville, TX
Jul 14, 2021 Faith Baptist Church Sachse, TX
Jul 18, 2021 Arden Road Baptist Church Amarillo, TX
Jul 25, 2021 Worth Baptist Church Fort Worth, TX
Jul 25, 2021 South Side Baptist Church Weatherford, TX
Jul 27, 2021 Beth Haven Baptist Church Oklahoma City, OK
Jul 28, 2021 Harvest Hills Baptist Church Oklahoma City, OK
Aug 1, 2021 Bible Baptist Church Stillwater, OK
Aug 4, 2021 Midland Baptist Church Wichita, KS
Aug 5, 2021 Bethel Community Baptist Church Fort Scott, KS
Aug 6, 2021 Junction City Baptist Church Junction City, KS

Evangelistic Team

Led by Evangelist Bobby Bosler

Cola Clash is a three-night competition for teens hosted by various local churches across the country. The Cola Clash Team brings all of the equipment, four college students, and a lot of energy to invite the lost and to reach them with the gospel. Evangelist Bobby Bosler has led similar teams since 2012 and has preached to thousands of young people across the globe.

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Dates Church Location
Jun 6-12, 2021 Greater Vision Baptist Church Owensboro, KY
Jun 13-18, 2021 Bible Baptist Church Clarksville, TN
Jun 20-25, 2021 Marquette Manor Baptist Church Downers Grove, IL
Jun 27-Jul 2, 2021 Lighthouse Baptist Church Ludington, MI
Jul 4-8, 2021 Falls Baptist Church Menomonee Falls, WI
Jul 11-16, 2021 Grace Baptist Church Kettering, OH
Jul 18-23, 2021 Hope Baptist Church Clearfield, PA
Jul 25-30, 2021 Grace Bible Church New Freedom, PA
Aug 1-6, 2021 Bible Baptist Church Wiscasset, ME
Aug 8-13, 2021 Calvary Baptist Church Warren, ME
Aug 15-20, 2021 Clinton Baptist Church Clinton, ME