Mr. and Mrs. Daniel and Allyssa Van Gelderen (Sponsor Couple), Abigail Dedic, Danielle White, Zachary Reed, Ryan Swanson, Jonathan Carpenter 


It has been a dream of mine since a little boy to travel on a music ensemble. This summer was an awesome fulfillment of that dream as I had the privilege of representing the college in churches across the East Coast. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing so many churches and meeting so many new people. Ministering to people and desiring to be a blessing to them spiritually was the highlight for me this summer. The one memory that sticks out to me the most from this summer was from a teen rally in Farmington, ME. I shared my testimony of how the Lord in His mercy and grace got a hold of my life. The next day one of the teen girls shared with me that because of my testimony she had gotten right with her parents of things going on for the last six years. It was so exciting to see a soul set free! That was just one of the many experiences of the summer.  I learned a lot from each and every one of them, and would not trade the experience for anything. -Zach Reed


Going into the summer, I asked the Lord to teach me something specific. I did not want to come to the end of traveling and have missed out on what the Lord wanted to show me. Out of the many things that the Lord taught me, the main lesson I learned was about myself. The Lord really showed me who I was. He revealed my selfishness and my lack of love for people. For me, it wasn’t easy going from church to church having to talk to people. But it was amazing to see that when I accessed the Lord’s strength then He was able to use me to reach out to others. -Danielle White


Traveling the East coast this summer was a thrill! We met so many new people and had wonderful experiences. The most exciting part of traveling was seeing God work in the church services. In most churches our team did one service and then left. That one, short opportunity was a chance to see God work and change lives. I soon realized I had a choice. I could selfishly stand by the sidelines and watch others be used, or I could access God’s strength and be used in ministry. I learned what it meant to step out in faith and be used in each service. It is always possible to do God’s will, if we are willing! -Abigail Dedic


Traveling on the ensemble team this Summer provided opportunities to see God work in a fresh way each day. I saw many churches encouraged, led a soul to Christ in New York City, and introduced the college to many interested teenagers. Towards the beginning of the summer I had specifically asked the Lord for one solid contact for BCM. Later, at a church in Corinth, Maine, I met a friend that I hadn’t seen in ten years! God quickly showed me, however, that this reunion was far from coincidental. My long lost friend, Nathaniel, opened up to me and explained that just two months ago he gave up his plans for the military and surrendered to go to a Christian college. Nathaniel told me that he knew God had us meet for a reason, and that he would seriously consider coming to BCM. I thank the Lord for answered prayer and for using the summer ensemble to strengthen my faith! -Ryan Swanson


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