Bible Major

Every student at Baptist College of Ministry is enrolled as a Bible Major.  In this program, students participate in core classes that develop a strong doctrinal foundation for their ministry, as well as courses dealing with the practical aspects of the Christian life, such as prayer, evangelism, and personal Bible study.  

God’s people are to “walk worthy”of their calling, uniting with other believers to serve the Lord through the local church (Eph. 4).  God gave the leadership gifts to the church in order that every believer would be equipped to do the work of the ministry.  We are committed, therefore, to training like-minded students through hands-on experience in local church ministry.

We are producing graduates who believe God to do a reviving work through their lives because He has already used them during their college experience.  Through studying the Word of God, they have developed firm Baptist convictions and standards of personal holiness, coupled with an ever-growing love for the Lord Jesus Christ.  We praise the Lord for the mighty work He is doing around the globe through our faith-filled graduates.


The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) program provides the academic foundation necessary to prepare students to think logically, study independently, and communicate effectively.  The general studies core curriculum includes requirements in English, history, speech, foreign language, philosophy, and music.  Along with their general studies, every student is enrolled in the Bible major which is designed to develop in students a comprehensive knowledge of the Word of God, the ability to understand and interpret the Scripture accurately, the ministry experience to know first-hand the power and effectiveness of God’s Word, and the fervency to proclaim earnestly the gospel to a lost world.  The Bible major includes course work in Bible and theology, coupled with a ministry core curriculum which emphasizes the practical application of biblical principles in life and ministry.  In addition to the Bible major and ministry core, each student selects a minor program emphasizing his or her particular focus for ministry preparation.  A total of at least 103 semester hours is required for the Bible major.  The number of credits required for each minor program varies.  Students enrolled in the double major are required to complete additional hours.  


BIBLE MAJOR REQUIREMENTS  (36 semester hours)

BI111 Old Testament Survey1 (3)

BI121 New Testament Survey (3)

BI131 Methods of Bible Study (2)

BI207 Ministry of Prayer (2)

BI228 Life of Christ (3)

BI313 Hebrew History (3)BI231, 2 Bible Doctrines I and II (6)

BI335 Hermeneutics (3)

BI338 Dispensational Theology (3)

BI425 Romans (3)

BI Bible Elective [women must take BI 404] (2-3)

TH433 Contemporary Theology (3)



EN English Composition [EN 101 and 102, or 102 and 103] (6)

EN Literature [EN 211, 313, or 314] (3)

HI101,2 History (6)

SP Speech and Public Speaking [SP 101 and 212] (6)

AL Foreign Language [AL 101, 102, 201, and 202] (112)*

PH  301 Philosophy (3)

MU Music [MU 101or 221, MU 102, MU 432, MG 101-108] (10)**

OR 101, 2 College Orientation (2)

*All students at Baptist College of Ministry are required to take biblical Greek in fulfillment of the foreign language requirement. Students with college-level foreign language credit in another language may receive three credits in transfer, and may then complete their study of Greek through the 201 level.

**Every undergraduate student must participate in a college choir during each semester in which he or she is enrolled as a full-time student.  

**Students who pass the General Music Exam may enroll in Written Theory and Skills I (MU 221) instead of MU 101.  Music degree students must test out of MU 101 and must complete two additional music elective credits to replace MU 101.  A music student may enroll in private lessons in another proficiency to satisfy these requirements. 

Electives should be a concentration on one field of study.  Students who desire a double minor (5 year program) may apply these electives toward their second minor. 



HT313 Baptist Polity (2)

HT341 Baptist History (2)

CM142 Personal Evangelism (1)*

CM201 Philosophy of Church Ministry, (2)**

HM315 Personal Finances (2)

HM405 Marriage and the Family (3)

HM 311Biblical Homemaking [women] (3)

MI201 Introduction to Missions (2)

SP325 Homiletics and Pulpit Speech [men] (3)

MU201 Philosophy of Church Music (2)


*Personal Evangelism (CM 142) utilizes the NETCASTERS soul winning plan.  Credit for CM 142 must be earned in residence at Baptist College of Ministry unless the student has attended a Revival Focus Ministries sponsored NETS Seminar.  Students satisfactorily completing a NETS Seminar will be assigned credit for course number PT 442, which may then be substituted for CM 142.

**Credit must be earned in residence for the courses Philosophy of Church Ministry (CM 201), Philosophy of Church Music (MU 201), and Marriage and the Family (HM 405).  Transfer credit will not be granted for these courses.