Music Degree

The Music major and minor degrees are designed to bring each student to a high level of musical proficiency so that they can lead, teach or write music while transferring life skills to the next generation.


  • To lead by example in character development, confidence in skill area, and convictions in music.
  • To learn to partner with others to produce results, experiencing an atmosphere of trust, communication accountability, and motivation.
  • To shape the next generation by understanding the learning process, developing pedagogical sequences, and teaching private and group lessons while being personally mentored. 
  • To use these tools to accomplish the Great Commission.

Listen to music recordings of staff and faculty and view concerts and recitals

 “Through the musical training and philosophy at Baptist College of Ministry, the Lord blended highly skilled musical instruction with a continual focus on the need for His life-changing power to be seen through my life.  This began the forging of a biblical conviction within my heart for music that is skillfully crafted, highly communicative, markedly distinct, and delivered with the power of God.  I appreciate a music program that not only focuses on embouchures, fingering, and tuning, but also upon a spiritual discipleship of the student, lesson by lesson, rehearsal by rehearsal.”

Music Degree