What a privilege Baptist College of Ministry has to train some of the finest men and women from across the globe. Whether they are studying in our baccalaureate program or for a two-year Associate of Ministry degree, we seek to make our education as affordable as possible. BCM offers real-life ministry experience, excellent classroom instruction, and life-transformational discipleship. Keeping student costs low is achieved, in part, through the generous giving of individuals and churches.

Your personal gift – or a love offering from your church – will make a lasting impact on the future of these dedicated young people. I can assure you that these students are serious-minded, hard-working individuals with a passion to see God use them in a mighty and powerful way around the world. Many of them work numerous jobs, yet it can still be difficult for them to come up with the necessary funds for college.

Checks can be sent to Baptist College of Ministry, Attn: General Fund or Student Aid Fund. Thank you for partnering with us!


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