Israel Tour




As we travelled to various sights where Christ walked and performed miracles, the thrill was not that I know the place where Jesus was; the thrill was that I know the Jesus who was at this place. I was not introduced to a new person or feeling, but as I learned more about the life of my Savior, I discovered a more personal and much deeper appreciation for Him. 

The most impacting location for me was the Garden Tomb. We stood inside the garden gazing at Golgotha, and walked only yards away to see the tomb in the same garden. Seeing this close proximity of the death, burial, and resurrection, I was struck with the simplicity of the gospel. As an Evangelist, my entire life is given to the events of this one garden, and any day spent outside of the garden is meaningless. Before leaving, I established a habit of asking myself a revealing question at the end of each day: "what have I done in the garden today?" Since the Israel trip, evangelism has changed from a life calling to a daily calling.
-Ryan, Graduate '17
Since my trip to Israel, many of the Bible stories that I grew up hearing have come alive! I actually stood in the valley where David won an impossible victory over Goliath. I saw the hill called the skull where Jesus was crucified. I gazed across the plain where the last battle will take place on earth! How incredible to now open my Bible and match the stories to my experience in Israel.
-Cheri, Junior