Matthew's Story

I was so blessed to be a part of the Falls Baptist Church missions trip to the Philippines this summer where we saw God truly do above and beyond what we could even imagine. We arrived in the Philippines on a Tuesday morning, and began to prepare for the next day’s Cola Wars that were scheduled in a local public school. When Wednesday morning arrived, we found out that due to some heavy rainfall the school was closed. Although we were disappointed that there would be no Cola War that day, we decided to instead spend time in prayer as a group seeking for God to intervene on our behalf. The following two days we saw the same scenario played out as the rain continued and the schools remained closed. It was during this time that God reminded us that “A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps.” Although God seemed to close the door for the original plan of witnessing in the public schools during the days of rain, we were still able to see several souls trust Christ as we went out evangelizing in the streets during the times the rain would let up for short periods. We spent the weekend ministering in local churches, convinced that God was going to clear the rain out in time for our next opportunity scheduled for Monday. 

As Monday morning arrived the sun was shining, and we found ourselves in a school where we saw God show up. As the invitation was given, we saw hundreds of teens make the decision to trust Christ, and Christ alone, for salvation. It was an amazing experience to have the opportunity to go through the Gospel countless times and see how powerful the Gospel really is. There were countless times throughout the Cola Wars where I would have as many as 50 teenagers that I would counsel with at a time—the majority of which trusted Christ. I am extremely  grateful for all that I have been taught here at BCM about praying through until the answer is seen, as well as the emphasis on being fully dependent on the Holy Spirit to work through me. I can honestly say that in each War as I witnessed God work in tremendous ways, I knew that I did not have the strength or the wisdom to accomplish what needed to be done, but I am thankful that as I depended on God I saw God work through me. 

As I look back on our week of Cola Wars, the best way to describe the experience is nothing short of a miracle. We saw the Gospel preached to over 4,000 teenagers, and had the amazing privilege of seeing over 1,400 of them trust Christ. Those schools that we were unable to preach at in the first week all rescheduled for the following week, and we saw once again that God was in control all along. Had we been able to go into those schools that first week, we probably would not have seen souls saved during street witnessing. God is so good! The experience that I have received here at BCM has been invaluable as I was able to put into practice both the ministry, as well as the practical aspects, such as how to do a clear Gospel presentation. I thank God for truly doing above and beyond not only in the lives of the teens there, but also in my life. 

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