Hannah's Story

This summer I was able to travel on the Cola Clash team—an incredible privilege for which I continue to thank the Lord! Heading into the summer, I was acutely aware of my weakness. As a student I have received training in giving the gospel and have had weekly opportunities to go out soul winning, but my fear and unbelief have kept me back from seeing God fully use me. Each week of Cola Clash I had a front row seat to watch God work and to be convinced that He is the One Who saves! What was previously head knowledge and principles became action by God’s grace and the prayers of many. 

In addition I found myself thanking the Lord for the one "class" I have taken every semester of college -- Flexibility and Servants Heart 101. I found myself in many situations in which I needed to be flexible and ready to serve. We were not just the Cola Clash team that ran team competitions on three nights of the week, but we were there to serve the church and the pastor in any way we could. The Sunday ministry assignments and the ministry philosophy that I have had the privilege to be exposed to here at BCM, were key in my preparedness to help teach Sunday school, join in junior church, recruit teens for a church's one night youth rally, and more. I praise the Lord for how He has prepared me and will continue to prepare me for His service! 

Hannah, Senior from Maine