Through a number of different circumstances, God made it very clear that the Fraser Fellowship was supposed to take their summer trip to Alberta, Canada. As we prepared during the summer, and even while traveling up to Alberta, we prayed much as a team that God would be preparing the hearts of the lost and would allow us to just be a blessing to the believers there at Victory and Hinton. 

TeamThere was much opposition from the Devil, but as we chose to trust the Lord and seek him in daily prayer, God reassured in our hearts that He was at work and that the gates of Hell cannot prevail against Christ's Church. The VBS was a flurry of activity, but we had a lot of fun with the children. It was such a huge blessing to see how many parents showed up on Friday and were able to get connected with different people from the church.

Recruiting for the Cola Clash seemed to go well, but we were reminded as we went to prayer on Wednesday afternoon that our trust could only be in the Lord. The first night went incredibly well. The competition was a success and the teens seemed to really enjoy the evening. When Mr. Bosler began giving the Gospel message, God began to work in hearts, and as the invitation was given a number of young people responded and received Christ as their Savior. After that first night we were all floating on air. We had worked hard, had prayed to the Lord of the Harvest, and God delivered souls. On the second night there was obvious spiritual attack and no one responded to the invitation, yet through some key conversations outside in the parking lot, a couple more teens chose to trust Christ. On the final night, God again delivered and many more teens responded to the invitation and received Christ as their Savior. The week was truly a testimony of God's grace and deliverance. 



"This missions trip was life-changing for me! I was the kind of person who said I would never go on a missions trip, but as they say, 'Never say never!' God taught me so many lessons, and I would do anything to go back and do the whole trip all over again. For example, I was walking down a sidewalk and passed by an outdoor café where there was a dad and his teenage daughter, Anna, eating lunch. The words from Mr. Bosler, “Do NOT pass up ANY teenager!” was going through my head as I walked pass their table. The Lord told me stop and turn back around. Everything inside of me wanted to run away, but instead I took that first step of stopping and turning back towards Anna, and God helped me the rest of the way. I told Anna about the Cola Clash, and her dad was more interested than she was, so in my mind this was not a quality contact, but she gave me her name and number anyways because her dad said she should. A few days later I called to see if Anna would be able to make it out to the Cola Clash. My call went to her voicemail and I didn’t hear back from her the rest of the day. I was pretty discouraged. Yet God wanted to prove me wrong that night, because just before the competition started, I saw Anna with her dad and a friend of hers at the registration tables. I was blown away! At the end of the night Mr. Bosler preached a Gospel message, and at the invitation Anna and her friend went back and trusted Christ as their Savior. Wow, that was an incredible experience! I was floating on cloud nine for a very long time! God can and did use me!" ~ Michaela (Senior, Wisconsin)

“Due to a very busy schedule, I was not sure if I should even go on the Canada missions trip. But God made it clear that I was to go, and I am so glad! Not only did I love the people and enjoy the beauty of God's creation in Canada, but I saw God answer specific prayers in giving me boldness to go recruiting and giving me the opportunity to lead a girl to Christ. My future ministry was impacted through this missions trip as God gave me a burden for junior highers. God also taught me that ministry that lasts takes faith and perseverance. I am so grateful that He allowed me to go on this life-changing ministry trip!" ~ Rachel ('15, Massachusetts)

Andrew"The Lord did much over the course of this trip to strengthen my faith. Each day of recruiting brought new challenges of trusting the Lord to go talk to teenagers. Over and over, God would show me the importance of trusting and resting in him to deliver. God taught me through the Vacation Bible School to trust Him in preaching, in giving a Bible lesson, and yes, even in the skit. I praise the Lord for the many families that were impacted during our time spent there in Alberta during the opportunities for VBS and two Cola Clashes. It was during this time that God has done a deep work in my own heart regarding His vision for my life." ~ Andrew (Senior, Wisconsin)

Caleb"This trip was personally challenging and trying but such a blessing. Through the difficulties from outside attacks, weariness, and spiritual battles the Lord brought me to a point where personal motives of the heart and personal insecurities were revealed. God showed me still how much self was involved and how weak I really was. 2 Chronicles 14:11 became a verse that I kept going back to. 'Lord, it is nothing with thee to help, whether with many, or with them that have no power: help us, O Lord our God; for we rest on thee, and in they name we go...'As personal motives and pride were laid on the alter and God gave me complete desperation for His deliverance, I began to see how He could work and do wonders in a far bigger way than I could have ever planned. Through the two weeks at Victory and Hinton, I grew in a deeper relationship with the Lord because I had no where else to turn. It was in those moments when God revealed how big He is and how much love he has for even me. I marvel as I think back over the two weeks in God's goodness and deliverance in spite of the selfish, prideful person that I am. God is so good." ~ Caleb (Senior, Maine)


Emma"The biggest lesson and reminder that God taught me was that GOD ANSWERS PRAYER. When we pray specifically, we get to see God answer those prayers specifically. Two specific requests that I prayed for were for healing and leading a lost person to Christ. The day before I left for Canada I was pretty sick. I prayed that God would heal me by the time we were ready to load the van. Honestly, I did not feel sick the whole way up to Canada nor during our time up there. Another prayer of mine was that I would lead one soul to Christ. He not only gave me one but also two more precious souls! In addition to these answers to prayers, God taught me what it is to battle in prayer for souls. I actually enjoyed spending time in prayer with other believers, whether they were from our team or other members of the church. I learned that no matter what ministry I am involved in, God will work through prayer. Believers can come together and pray for things that God desires to see answered as well. God worked through those prayer times and answered many of our specific prayers for teens and families to come out. Praise the Lord for what He has done and will continue to do." ~ Emma Swanson ('15, Wisconsin)

"The Lord taught me so much through this trip. He showed me that He delights in answering prayer and in doing great and mighty things when we call upon Him. He gave me a greater burden for souls by proving that the harvest indeed is white. Lastly, He showed me that there is nothing greater or more worthwhile I can do with my life than to devote it completely to Him without regrets." ~ Claire Ryan (Senior, Delaware)

Victoria"The Lord showed me that the most important thing I can ever do is point other to Him. My life is not about me-it’s about Him, and the lives He want to change through me.  I can only impact others when I follow Him. When I obeyed the Lords’ leadings, I was never disappointed with the outcome." ~Victoria White (Junior, Wisconsin)

 "At the beginning of the summer I did not plan on going to Canada, but the Lord changed those plans. The Lord definitely led and provided for me to go. I have had a burden for teens since I was a teen myself, but going on this trip, recruiting teenagers for Cola Clash, and leading one to the Lord renewed that burden. Also, when we were out recruiting we were not to pass up a single teenager. That showed me that wherever I am I must not give up a single opportunity to give the Gospel or speak for the Lord!" ~ Anna Needham (Sophomore, Cameroon)

 Jonathan"The trip to Canada was a great opportunity to see the gospel work in a different culture. It is somewhat difficult to explain exactly what it is, but Canada is very different from the States. Although it was difficult at times to relate to the teens (especially during the competitions), the people really enjoyed chatting with us as Americans. In two weeks we saw quite a few kids saved, and we did not have to change the gospel message at all. God wants people everywhere to be saved, and the gospel works wherever we preach it." ~Jonathan Sikma (Junior, Wisconsin)

Brendan"The Canada trip was incredible no matter which way you slice it. Whether sitting 70 hours with 12 other people in a 15 passenger van, to playing a thumb-sucking villain in a play, or simply strolling through a charming mountain village with a cup of Tims in my hand, it does not matter. Being with my Fraser Family is one of my most favorite things.  However, this was no simple sightseeing tour. The ministry side of the trip was a huge blessing and challenge to me. Having the responsibility for a VBS at church was sobering, yet seeing the Lord bless was a tremendous faith builder for me. Also, the experience of God so obviously working in the little church of Hinton was an experience I wouldn't trade for anything. I am very thankful for the opportunity I had to go to Canada with Fraser." ~Brendan Philbrick (Sophomore, Pennsylvania)