Emma's Story

While attending a secular technical school, my dream was to travel to third world countries and make a difference in the world. Pictures of myself helping starving children and educating people through entertaining, heartrending articles filled my head. But the articles never got written. The children were never helped. My passport was ready, but I never traveled outside of myself because all I had to offer at the time was me. And that wasn’t much.

EmmaGod changed my life. After completing my freshman year at BCM, the Lord opened the doors for me to travel outside of the US for the first time on the Cameroon Missions Trip. Personal lessons and adventures from the 31 team members (not including the Cameroonian brothers and sisters who trekked with us to the Akwaya region) could fill books. Above all, the Lord taught me from Psalm 73:28, “But it is good for me to draw near to God: I have put my trust in the Lord God, that I may declare all thy works.”

After several strenuous days of trekking into the Akwaya region, our team arrived in Atolo. Although 47 souls were saved in the first two days, I could not get past the poverty and unbelief filled my heart.

June 25, 2015 Journal Entry: “Prove to me God that what You’re doing here really does matter. I must bathe myself in Your Word, thank You it never returns void. Help my unbelief Lord. I can’t get past the fact these people have absolutely nothing. Somewhere along the lines I’ve been deceived into thinking You aren’t enough, that the Gospel isn’t enough. But it’s You alone that is enough. I believe and am planting all my faith on that truth. You ARE enough. You ALONE change lives. Keep my faith there. I’m trusting You to do it.”

EmmaWhile in Makwe and Nchomba, the second villages my group traveled to, God taught me He is the same. The same God who delivered me out of the clutches of sin desires to deliver every people of every nation from sin and destruction. Upon arrival, the chief was absent and our only greeting came from a belligerent man on the village counsel. No one knew we were coming, and no one was excited we were there. “The Son of Man had not a place to lay His head,” reminded me God had brought us to the village for a reason and His work must go forward despite difficult circumstances. The people’s hearts were softened and at the end of only one week, Makwe Community Baptist Church began!

God taught me I am nothing, but because of Who He is, I have everything to offer. The simplicity of the Gospel and need for laborers sank deep into my heart. Flying out of the Akwaya region in the back of Pastor Sam’s plane, my heart was filled to an overwhelming point where all I could say was, “My cup truly runneth over.” I was in awe God used me but at the same time flooded with a feeling of sadness because so much work remains to be done. Leaving a people who I before perceived as having nothing, now possess everything through salvation decisions and the fullness of Christian life. I know God will raise up evangelists, pastors, and missionaries to continue His work and multiply disciples. Praise the Lord for His goodness! ~ Emma, Sophomore

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Emma's Story