Akwaya 2015

The Lord abundantly blessed as 100+ American and Cameroonian believers traveled to bring the news of the glorious gospel to the remote Akwaya region of Cameroon, West Africa. God called missionary pilot Tom Needham to Cameroon over 20 years ago. Since then, the Lord has raised 2 key evangelists, Pastor Felix and Pastor Ernest, to lead in the work there, especially among the Akwaya region. With over 99 villages that are only attainable by intense travel, the Akwaya region is a land basically untouched with the light of the gospel. The Lord has given the believers in Cameroon a deep desire to reach this region and led them to trust God for a goal of a church in every village. As of January 2014 there were only 3 churches in Akwaya. Now, there are 44 churches planted; to Him be the glory!

We were able to divide into 10 teams, with each team visiting 2 different villages. The goal was simple - stay in the first village for a week, see souls saved, baptized, and a church established, and then take the believers from the initial village to help do the same in the second village. This work was God-sized; a work needing the definite power of the Holy Spirit.

Arduous travels to Akwaya were begun - by air, motorcycle, bush taxi, 4-wheel drive vehicles, and days of hiking. Each team faced various trials and challenges as they made their way through the jungle to these primitive villages. Within the first few days our teams saw closed doors opened, warm welcomes by chiefs, and God's miraculous guiding hand in the selection and timing of entrance into each village. Answered prayer became a daily occurrence. Satan was defeated as the Lord Jesus Christ was exalted. The gospel was received as the Word of God was faithfully preached. Believers were baptized. Churches were established. And new believers were obedient in sharing their stories and spreading their faith.

The statistics from the trip are overwhelming - 1120 souls saved, 274 believers baptized, 24 churches begun, and over 20 new leaders trained. Just mere numbers to most, but to those that were part of this outreach each number represents a miraculous deliverance of a life saved from the punishment of hell fire. These precious souls have a new legacy of knowing Christ, and a future forever settled in heaven.

Our teams learned lessons of trust and of the power of the gospel. Some were able to lead their first souls to Christ. Others are burdened to return to teach English to better equip the believers in reading their Bibles. All are desirous to see this same work of the Holy Spirit be manifested in their lives and ministry situations here in America. The vast harvest fields of the world are indeed everywhere, and we have learned that you have nothing better to do with your earthly life than to give it and live it for the spread of the gospel.


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