Jessica's Story

 VillageNehemiah 2:20 says, "The God of heaven, He will prosper us." How thankful I am for a God Who indeed prospers and Who showed Himself strong on this trip to Cameroon. The days traveling to Cameroon were long and tiring. When we finally arrived at the Younde airport, we soon discovered that none of our team's 64 bags of luggage had arrived with us. 


June 18, 2015 Journal Entry - "Such a confusing thing- all of the things that we had planned, purchased, and that God had provided were hundreds of miles away. Was God trying to help us to see how our dependency for this trip was maybe in all of those things rather than completely on Him? Was I relying more on mosquito nets, vitamins, and the comforts of American provisions for health, protection, and fulfillment? God does have a way to bring us to that realization of the truth that all we really need is HIM!"

After being delayed for a few days at the Needham compound, our luggage finally arrived… all but mine and two other teammates bags! The Lord brought Psalm 34:1 to mind, "I will bless the Lord at all times, His praise shall continually be in my mouth." After praising the Lord … (and crying a little!), I quickly began to make a list of all of the essential things I would need for the trek. Water filter, backpack, flashlight, toilet paper, mosquito net… and was amazed as various members of the team came and brought me all of the items on my list. God was providing for my needs right before my eyes and I praised Him as I was able to cross off every item on that list! With my crocs and borrowed belongings, I ventured out by foot to reach this remote region of Akwaya with the gospel.

Akwaya 2015June 21, 2015 Journal Entry - "Reflecting back on the day, am so thankful for my caring God. I think He knew I couldn't handle my 30-pound pack, and so He took from me all but the absolute essentials. Am so touched by His amazing provision - my trust in Him is indeed strengthened and I am so thankful for the opportunity to see Him totally provide....a far greater lesson learned than had I seen Him answer my prayers the way that I wanted by having my luggage. Resting and rejoicing in a God that knows me and my true needs greater than myself."

God greatly prospered our team as we ministered in the villages of Bancho and Kunku. We truly saw the reality of the ripe harvest as many believers were saved, baptized, and a church was planted in each village. Both the chief and his wife were saved and baptized in Bancho, believers shared their stories and led others to Christ, the physically blind were made to spiritually see, and believers were trained to continue the work that God started in their own village. As I flip through my journal, I see that the pages are full of miracles, abundant answers to prayer, and lessons learned - lessons of simple trust, lessons of unconditional surrender, and lessons of unmeasured blessing as we depended on the prospering hand of the God of heaven.

~ Jessica ('10)

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