July 20-24, 2015 

"As a young man working on the oil rigs, baking under the merciless Kansas sun, I did not realize just how well this had prepared me to spend hours on steaming blacktop running the game time for Vacation Bible School at Falls Baptist Church. It has been my privilege to serve as an intern along with BCM student, David Olah, from Hungary. Together, we have seen God do some amazing things in a few months’ time.

 As a bus captain and game leader at VBS I was able to have meaningful interaction with many children and adults. As the kids would show up at game time, I would call out the names of my bus riders over the megaphone! They enjoyed being 'famous' at at recess time since their bus captain was leading the games. But there in the middle of all the heat, noise, and excitement of VBS I had a burden for these young lives to be changed for eternity. I was burdened specifically for one young boy who was an enthusiastic participant throughout the week. What a joy it was to see him invite his dad out the the Dad and Granddad program. On Thursday, after a Gospel message, his dad bowed his head and accepted Christ as his Saviour. The family has given me an open invitation to reach out and visit them. I am excited to see this entire family reached and added to the church.

Without a doubt, VBS was the climax of my time as an intern. Seeing hundreds of children from across the metropolitan Milwaukee area throng to Falls Baptist Church for this fun-packed and exciting week is an experience I will not forget. The weeks of preparation for VBS paid great dividends, as children, teenagers, and parents got saved and families are now changed for eternity.

I really enjoyed being a bus leader, leading game time, and assisting in the evening program for teenagers, called Cola Clash. VBS at Falls Baptist Church is a life-changing week! I thank the Lord for the opportunity to have served in this strategic week of ministry." ~ Trevor (Senior from Kansas)