WorldView Conference

What do you get when you pack a bunch of linguists and language students in a van for six hours? Answer: a lot of corny puns! That was the case as the van carrying BCM professors and students wended its way back home after the WorldView Team Meeting. But serious talk about linguistics and Bible translation also took place, because we were greatly blessed by the conference.

We believe that God is raising up a new movement of fundamentalist missionary Bible translators. At this conference, not only were we challenged by the lectures, but eight different translation efforts were introduced to us. It was hugely exciting for us to learn what God is doing in this crucial area of world missions, but the task is great and there is room for many more servants of God to participate. May God use BCM as His means to train more translators. Won’t you pray for God to send laborers into this harvest field?


Missions professors and students at the conference (June 3-5, 2015)

Missions Group at ConferencePrayer of Dedication for Translators