Jessica Salas ('10)


"Backpacks. Mosquito nets. Water purifiers. I felt like a little kid playing 'exploration' as I prepared all of my gear for our training weekend. There was so much adventure in learning Pidgin English, building a latrine with my team, and hiking the hilly terrain of the trails. But then the most exciting part came - we all grabbed our wooden stumps and sat down to hear Pastor Gillmore present to 'our village' the gospel picture chart. It was simple, yet powerful; child-like, yet intriguing. This chart bridges culture differences and is the perfect vehicle for presenting the gospel in a way that helps me relate to the Africans and the Africans to their Creator. I suddenly felt like my whole purpose for going to Cameroon was now made realistic and possible!"  - Jessica ('10)
Akwaya 2015
Beginning in 2011, God has opened a remarkable door of partnership with believers in Cameroon West Africa. From evangelism training among established churches to trekking for Bible distribution in some of the most remote regions of Africa, our college students and staff have seen what God does when believers obey the command to "go!" 
This summer a group of over 30 adults and young people will join some 70 national believers in disciple-making church planting efforts in the Akwaya region of northwest Cameroon in June and July. The remarkable vision is to establish 20 brand new churches in 20 villages. Already over 18 churches have been planted in the last 16 months. 
To prepare for this unique endeavor, thirty-two people spent an amazing 24 hours together recently on a Friday toSaturday afternoon. We formed teams, started cooking fires, dug latrines, filtered water, ate African foods, slept under rough shelter, trekked 8 miles with packs, trained in small groups, practiced a clear gospel presentation, prayed together, and gained a vision of how new believers will be trained to read, obey, and share God's Word. By the grace of God, the weather conditions were perfect, which is no guarantee in Wisconsin in April. 
Our team is excited, confident that God is leading us and that we are prepared for the amazing opportunities that lie ahead. Jesus said to go, baptize those who believe, and train them to obey and go and do likewise. It's a simple plan filled with divine genius. It is working in Cameroon! Pastor Mark Gillmore (Missions Director)