Greetings from Fraser! This has been an exciting year for the Fraser Family as God has convicted and challenged us all in our spiritual journey. The theme for this year comes from John 12:21 with the simple phrase, “We Would See Jesus.” The choosing of this theme was born out of a personal cry of desperation that there must be more victory and freedom possible than we were experiencing in the accepted Christian formula. Living the Christ life without Christ is such a struggle. People are hard to love, faith is hard to generate, forgiveness is painful to give, and temptation is impossible to resist. But when we see Jesus, nothing is hard or impossible. His victory was a complete and thorough victory which provided a life free of struggle. When we see Jesus, we can love because he loved us, we can forgive because He forgave us, and we can be filled with faith because He is the author and finisher of our faith. He already won the victory over sin when He died on the cross and rose again. When we see Jesus, Christianity becomes victorious, free, and a pure delight.
-Caleb Reed, Fraser Fellowship President

Fraser FactsFraser

The youngest fellowship-celebrating our 6th birthday!
Welcomed 10 freshman this year
Current international students from Hungary, Cameroon, & Canada

Fraser Ministry

Fraser Alumni:
3 Assistant Pastors (Wisconsin, South Carolina, and Florida)
3 Assistant Pastors’ wives
5 on/headed to the mission field – Belarus, Cameroon, Cambodia, Philippines, West Africa
2 in full-time ministry

Fraser is planning a missions trip to Canada in August of 2015.

Fraser Testimonies

"I had an opportunity to pass out tracts with a group from my church and shared the gospel with six teens for about twenty minutes, and one of them accepted Christ as Savior!"

"The Lord taught me in my devotions about following the Spirit's leading. When I went soulwinning with the Spanish ministry, the Lord enabled me to follow His leading and go through the gospel with several children."

"In order for God's will to be accomplished on earth, I must intercede."

"I need to be looking for souls to reach all the time--not just when I am out soulwinning with other church members. I must depend on the Lord, not a person."