South Africa

South Africa


 “And Joshua said unto the people, Sanctify yourselves: for tomorrow the LORD will do wonders among you.” Joshua 3:5 was the verse that the Lord gave me heading into our trip to South Africa. My prayer for our time in South Africa was that we would see God do something big in Cape Town with the Cola Clash and that we would just be a blessing. I have to say that the Lord answered our prayers for the trip. The trip started out with a little hiccup as our flight was cancelleLondond Monday evening the 12th due to bad weather, so British Air put us up in a hotel in Chicago. While waiting for our shuttle to arrive, there was quite a bit of confusion going on in the loading area so Mr. Bosler whipped out the mega phone and started directing people into groupings by their hotel. It was a very unique way to start the trip. However, we didn’t end up getting to bed till around 1:30 Tuesday morning.

We were finally able to get a flight out Tuesday evening, and our trip continued as planned. We had a 14 hour layover in London, so we were able to take some into the city and see some of the sights. Our flight for Cape Town left that evening around 9:30, and we arrived at 10 o’ clock Thursday morning. After getting settled in at the Grahams we went out to one of the local high schools armed with flyers and recruited kids as they headed home. Apparently the school had already announced to the kids about the Cola Clash, so some of them already knew about it, but it was nice to make the contact.

On Friday and Saturday we held the Cola Clash at the North Pine Technical High School.The first night we saw about seventy kids come out with twenty-four of them getting saved. PreachingOn Saturday night we saw about eighty kids show up, with almost half of them being brand new visitors. Saturday night was a battle spiritually, which we knew was coming. Kids were snickering during the song and they continued through the preaching as well. We also kept having new kids walk in during the preaching, which was great, but also distracting at the same time. Many of us were praying, and again God worked and twenty-two kids got saved. Our prayer had been that God would do something big in Cape Town, and He did exactly that. 

InvitationOn Sunday we ministered in the Grahams church in the morning, an outreach ministry in the afternoon, and a fellowship of churches in the evening. The Lord was present at each service, but it was evident in the morning service at the Grahams' church. The Lord really spoke through Mr. Bosler as he challenged the church concerning their responsibility to follow-up with the young people saved during the Cola Clash. Please be in prayer for Calvary Bible Baptist Church as they disciple these teens.

Monday was a sightseeing day, as we took a trip around the Cape and climbed Table Mountain early that morning. That evening we flew to Johannesburg and were picked up by the Overmillers. Tuesday morning we left Joburg and headed north to the Mpumalanga region. While we were there, we did a combination of sightseeing and ministry. On Wednesday morning we saw the third largest canyon in the world, as well as an area called "The Potholes", which was a beautiful place where the river had carved out some unique formations in the rocks. That evening, we did a service at Hazyview Baptist Church. The Lord blessed, and they asked us to come back on Friday to lead their youth service.

Thursday had an early start as we were picked up by the guide service at 5:30 in the morning for our all day trip in Kruger National Game Preserve. While there, we saw four out of the "Big Five", as well as a cheetah and her cub. Probably the neatest thing that day was coming upon a whole herd of elephants as they drank from one of the rivers.Though the day was very fun, the thing that made the daySafari was the girls' impact that they had on Frank, one of our guides. The girls sang on the way to and from the park, and they had an opportunity to talk to him about the Gospel. In an email that he sent the Overmillers, he said that that was the best trip to and from a safari he has ever had. He said that the girls had a big impact on him spiritually.

Friday found us white water rafting in the morning and then ministering in two churches in the evening. The first church was pastored by an African national, and the second church was the youth service for Hazyview Baptist. We played "Cat in the Hat" with them and then Mr. Bosler preached to them from Joshua 7 on Achan. Several teens came back after the message for counseling. One of the boys Pastor O was able to lead to the Lord, which was very exciting. The young man gave a very clear testimony to the team of God’s saving work in his heart.

Special MusicSaturday we traveled back to Joburg. That evening Mr. Bosler flew back to the States so that he could start training the Cola Clash team for the summer. Saturday evening we went to the sports school that Pastor Overmiller ministers in and had a Bible study time with about 50 students. On Sunday we did a service at the Moore’s church in the morning. Jeff preached the morning message and the rest of the team ministered in music in the main service. We also conducted Sunday school and junior church. That afternoon we again conducted both Sunday School and the worship service for Pastor O’s church, Elandsfontein Baptist Church. I personally was excited about this service because I had the opportunity to preach the main service and though I didn’t preach a Gospel message, a lady got saved after the service. On Monday, our last day in South Africa, we had the opportunity to minister in two public school assemblies. During the first one, Jeff had the opportunity to preach the Gospel to about 750 kids. The second school was the sports school, and Mark had the opportunity to preach the Gospel to over one hundred kids. In between the two assemblies, the team went into a squatter’s camp to hand out tracts and witness. That evening we flew out from Joburg on our way back to the States and arrived in Chicago around two o’clock Tuesday afternoon. Overall the trip was great. The burden that kept coming to my mind was that we would just point people to Jesus. We will not know completely all of what God did, but I do know that we had an impact on the churches we ministered in and I truly believe that we pointed people to our wonderful Savior. Please pray for Calvary Bible Baptist Church, Hazyview Baptist Church, and Elandsfontein Baptist Church, that God would continue to work in those churches and strengthen them. Also, pray for the missionaries as they labor there in South Africa. Most importantly, pray for the forty-six teens that got saved through the Cola Clash. We desperately desire to see them discipled and going on for the Lord." ~ Zach Reed, Judson Fellowship President

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